Growing Mississippi’s Coding Ecosystem

Code Mississippi is a project founded by numerous individuals and organizations brought together by Innovate Mississippi. The group understands that a knowledge-based, 21st-century economy requires digital infrastructure, education programs, and workforce development initiatives associated with computer science and development-related jobs. We believe Mississippi is saturated with native talent that, when exposed to the right skill set and encouraged by innovation and creativity, can create a tech boom across the state.

The US Department of Labor forecasts that there will be a need for 1.5 million jobs that require a computer science degree/training by the year 2020. Currently, less than three years away from that date, there are only about 500,000 people enrolled in qualifying computer science programs. That’s a ONE MILLION job gap. One million high-paying jobs. We believe Mississippi can take a huge role in helping to close this gap while concurrently bettering our economy and the quality of life of our citizens.

In the coming weeks, Code Mississippi will be populating this website with information on resources, events, and job listings related to coding and computer science fields. We ask that the people and companies of our state use Code Mississippi as a portal for advancing the cause of knowledge economy development. We can foresee a scenario in which Silicon Valley tech companies actually outsource some of their work to Mississippi-based developers and software firms.

It’s not a pipe dream, but it won’t happen without cooperation and steadfast vision. Let’s do this.

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